About Siama Media

Providing great marketing services to our clients world over.

What we are

SIAMA MEDIA is a digital media marketing outfit that connects brands, agencies to their target market via intelligent targeted publishers and ad network with high quality traffic inventory on web and mobile.

We reach over 40 million people daily on web and 100 million people daily on mobile and it targets via countries (World wide) via network, via gender, location, age, devices and OS.

Our digital channels to bring value to FMCGs Financial Institutions, SMEs, E-commerce, Betting sites, Dating Sites, Schools etc.

Our Skills

Mobile Advertising
Mobile Marketing
Mobile Content Aggregation
Mobile Billing Services
Media Planning and Buying

Meet the Team

We work hard to ensure you have the best mobile advertising experience possible! Meet our team below.

Ikye S.NwanecheManaging Director/ceo

Anyanwu Obinna JonnasHead of Business Intelligence